FAQs About The Author


Where Were you Born?

Born in sunny Fox Hills, California.

What Was Life Like Growing Up?

I lived a very valued life. I was sheltered but spoiled. I was raised by my loving mother, a single-parent who taught me to go after my dreams, live without regret. She encouraged me to be bold yet humble. While daring to be different I excelled in both studies and sports. Attended private schools and attained both a B.A. degree from Biola University and an MBA from Webster University. 

Why A Passion For Writing?

I was always encouraged to pursue my passions and writing was a positive outlet for me. It allowed me to express my inner thoughts and feelings and create something magical from an empty white canvas. Though the use of writing short stories, poetry, children's works and screenwriting my passion to write grew. It became an expression of divine art and its voice never fell of deaf ears. Writing is therapeutic. It is true creativity at its core. 

What Has Been The Focus of Your Most Inspiring Works?

As a writer and author of several books, I have brought together wisdom with modern insight to create useful tools for our everyday living. Topics that cover: Self-Worth, Self-Discipline, Forgiveness, Failure, Success, Expectations, Relationships, Wealth and Spirituality are only some of the teachings I have used to help others achieve happiness, peace, wholeness, and love.

I have focused much of my recent works on personal development. I believe everyone is created with greatness and has the power to create positive change in their lives.  "We are not defined by how others view us, but in how we view ourselves. And by changing the way we choose to react to situations and letting go of ego, we will be able to break free from the chains that define and confine our lives". You have the power to create change. 

My current works contain a series of specific practical steps that help to promote mental transformation. We are what we think about most so I encourage everyone to "step into your true divine and authentic self.Step back into the greatness you were created and born with!" Be bold and be true.

What Are Some of Your Favorites?

Food: French Fries. Mac & cheese. Ribeye. Crab Legs. 

Places: Australia/New Zealand. Dominican Republic. Puerto Vallarta

Music: Love Songs, Classical, Jazz

Movies: Sweet Home Alabama, The Notebook

Time: Spending it with family & close friends creating amazing memories

Inspirations: God. Mother. Myself. Mentors. Eric. "E.T." Thomas, Motivational Speaker. Lauryn Hill, Artist. Dr. Seuss. Traveling. Adventures. Living.